ECOPA's program work is divided into six themes, which intersect in our individual initiatives to facilitate positive transformations among the communities we support. ECOPA is the acronym for these themes. Click on each one to learn more.


Every initiative ECOPA collaboratively designs and implements is led by field experts who guide our graduate fellows in fieldwork with our community stakeholders. ECOPA's initiatives generally run in phases (e.g. assessment, design, implementation, etc.) until the community can successfully assume ownership, with ad-hoc support provided as needed.

Public Spaces

This initiative is ECOPA's first-ever collaborative endeavor among community members, landscape architects, urban design graduate students, and professors from the Universities of Washington - Seattle and Buenos Aires to rehabilitate and redesign communities for locally-empowered economic development, environmental stewardship and social cohesiveness.

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Farmer Exchange

This initiative focuses on developing small-scale farmer-to-farmer exchanges to connect the experience and best practices of U.S. and Salvadoran farmers to address their shared challenges. Along with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Organic Agriculture Movement of El Salvador, these dialogues aim to build resilient and food sovereign communities in the rural Lower Lempa region.

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Clean Fishing

This initiative brings together community leaders and fisherfolk, Salvadoran and U.S. marine scientists and experts, academic researchers, social entrepreneurs and government officials to evaluate and strengthen scientific, environmental and commercial viability of the sustainable fishing model in the biodiverse and fragile Bay of Jiquilisco coastal area.

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